Kante Group

We are dedicated to multidisciplinary research in the area of wave-matter interaction from microwaves to optics. Grounded on the fundamental physical principles, and, the on-demand dimensionality of materials we address tantalizing experimental and theoretical physical questions in the fields of nanophotonics, plasmonics, metamaterials to address global energy, defense, and health questions.

Left to Right: Sushant Kumar, Jun Lu, Li-Yi Hsu, Thomas Lepetit, Boubacar Kante, Qing Gu, Ashok Kodigala, Andrew Chen

Recent Publications

R. Tellez-Limon, B. Bahari, L. Y. Hsu, J-H. Park, A. Kodigala, and B. Kanté, “Integrated metaphotonics: symmetries and confined excitation of LSP resonances in a single metallic nanoparticle”, Opt. Express 24, 13875 (2016). Link.
T. Lepetit and B. Kanté, “Metasurfaces: Simultaneous Stokes parameters”, Nature Photonics 9, 709 (2015). Link.
J. S. T. Smalley, F. Vallini, S. Shahin, B. Kante, and Y. Fainman, “Gain-Enhanced High-k Transmission through Metal-Semiconductor Hyperbolic Metamaterials”, Opt. Mat. Express 5, 2300-2312 (2015). Link.
A. Chen, A. Kodigala, T. Lepetit and B. Kanté, “Multipoles of even/odd split-ring resonators”, Photonics, 2, 883-892 (2015). Link.
L.Y. Hsu, T. Lepetit and B. Kanté, “Extremely Thin Dielectric Metasurface for Carpet Cloaking”, Progress In Electromagnetics Research, 152, 33-40 (2015). Link.