Kante Group

We are dedicated to multidisciplinary research in the area of wave-matter interaction from microwaves to optics. Grounded on the fundamental physical principles, and the on-demand dimensionality of materials and nanomaterials, we address tantalizing experimental and theoretical physical questions in the fields of nanophotonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials applicable to global energy, defense, and health challenges.

Left to Right: Sushant Kumar, Jun Lu, Li-Yi Hsu, Thomas Lepetit, Boubacar Kante, Qing Gu, Ashok Kodigala, Andrew Chen

Recent Publications

J-H. Park, A. Kodigala, A. Ndao, and B. Kanté, “Hybridized Metamaterial Platform for Nano-Scale Sensing", Opt. Express 25, 15590 (2017)
L. Y. Hsu, M. Dupré, A. Ndao, and B. Kanté, “From Parabolic-Trough to Metasurface-Concentrator: Assessing Focusing in the Wave-Optics Limit", Opt. Letters , 1520 (2017)
A. Kodigala*, T. Lepetit*, Q. Gu*, B. Bahari, Y. Fainman, and B. Kanté,"Lasing Action from Photonic Bound States in Continuum", Nature 541, 196 - 199 (2017)
J. S. T. Smalley, F. Vallini, S. Montoya, L. Ferrari, S. Shahin, C. T. Riley, B. Kante, E. E. Fullerton, Z. Liu, Y. Fainman, “Luminescent Hyperbolic Metasurfaces", Nature Communications 7, 13793 (2017)
A. Kodigala, T. Lepetit, and B. Kanté, “Exceptional Points in Three-Dimensional Plasmonic Nanostructures", Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communication) 94, 201103 (2016).